Become A Sexual Badass in 1 Month!

Become a true sexual afficionado, but not in like the Don Juan way necessarily, but in a way that is truly YOU and no one else. NOW.  This program is for those who really want to step up their sexual, intimacy and relationship game now, with no time to wait.

In 30 days, you will tap into the biggest secrets that are holding you back and unlock the greatest keys so that you can unleash your inner badass. Everyone's badassery is different. Your creative energy is also your sexual energy. Tapping into your creative voice, is the absolute way to embrace your greatness within. Bring out the passionate creature that resides within you in a way that exudes freedom, sexuality, that draws them in, and keeps them coming back for more. Let go of old road blocks, and the darkness that prevents your sexual badass from flying. We live in a society that shuns sexuality. This is the bottom line. I have been a sexuality freedom crusader for decades, fighting on the front lines, and I want to give you all the tools, that you already have within you to unlock the beast and unleash it onto the world. I want you to experience true pleasure with no holds barred. 

In this intensive 30 day program, you will be inspired with daily coaching by me, including, journaling, worksheets, daily emails and weekly phone calls. In just one month you will be more centered and in tune with the creative and sexual nature that is hiding somewhere inside you. 


Skype: Moushumi72

10649 Riverside Dr.

Toluca Lake, CA



8235 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 400

West Hollywood, CA


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