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Pleasure Psychology Sexology Training and Certification


Who should take this course? ​

This course welcomes professionals committed to life-long learning, the sexual health revolution, and making the world a better place!

  • You are burntout in your current career and want a change

  • You want an impactful career helping people as a sexologist 

  • You are already a therapist or coach and want a sex-positive, sexuality niche or expertise and want to stop refering clients out

  • You want more sex positivity, pleasure and creativity in your personal life


This certification program will help you work through your own sexual blocks and build your sexual knowledge and repertoire, including but not limited to learning how to:

  • process with clients who are confused about sexual identity

  • process with clients who feel shame or guilt around sex

  • process with clients who have different sex drives, desires

  • process with clients whowant to feel more connected with your partner

  • process with clients who want to explore alternatives to monogamy

  • process with clients who are not sure if they are in the right relationship

  • process with clients who are dating and want more confidence

  • process with clients who have painful sex

  • Plus:

  • Learn how to start your own sex coaching business

  • Marketing tactics

  • Getting published and into the media

  • get promoted on all our websites and platforms

  • and most importantly learn from a unique and much needed sex-positive lens


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