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Sexual Health

Looking to forge a deeper connection with  your partner, or just spice things up in the bedroom, or anyroom? Classic Sex Positions Reinvented, By Moushumi Ghose, MFT is your guide to expanding your repertoire and realizing your sexual potential. Great as a how to guide, or an exciting checklist to grow with and understand your and your partners' sexual preferences and proclivities.

An expansive guide to sex positions


Over 100 sex position variations


The top 10 sex positions


Get creative about sex and intimacy


Try something old, learn something new

Guide to Best Self Love

Feeling shame around casual sex, non-mongamy, group sex, kink, or masturbation?

Formerly titled 'Love Lust and Lube', this 2nd edition book now titled Love is Not A Pie by Moushumi Ghose, MFT is your personal guide to ethical slut-hood and beyond. This book will further your self acceptance, and help you explore your true desires while letting go of the antiquated and hetero-normative messages of our culture which hold us back and shame us for what is natural. 

An eye-opening guide to our true sexual nature


Over 100 healthy sex reminders


Top 10 healthy sexuality tips


Unlearn the old sex rules


Learn to make your own rules

Relationship Health

Screw the rules of couplehood. Stop letting the world tell you about your relationship. 

Marriage, Money and Porn By Moushumi Ghose, MFT reminds you that you and your partner get to make the rules. Not Oprah, not your parents, and not your best friend. This book will help you broaden your outlook, trust your choices and give you new and alternative perspectives to living out of the box and making the rules that are best for you.

An eye-opening guide to relationships


Over 100 new perspectives


Top 10 relationship myths


Unlearn relationship rules


Learn to make your own rules

“Classic Sex Positions offers practical advice that works on both a physical and cerebral level, teaching us how to be confident, better-educated, more attentive lovers. Now, that's a turn on. ”

Heather Wood Rudulph,  co-author of Sexy Feminism: A Girl’s Guide to Love, Success, and Style

“This book will validate your need to have closeness, security, excitement, and adventure. Yes, you CAN have it all." 

Dr. Amie Harwick, Author of The New Sex Bible for Women​

“This was truly an amazing book that you can pick up and read every few months(and years!), continuing to learn about yourself and your relationships. I can't wait to read it again! Seriously, buy this book.”

Rebecca Cleary, Amazon reader

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