Mou's Story

Hi, My name is Mou. I'm an author, documentary filmmaker, licensed therapist and activist for sexual and gender freedoms.

My coming of age story is one that took place in the time of the AIDS epidemic.

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, as a teen in the 80's where I found solace and camaraderie in music and the underground queer community.

At 18, I attended San Francisco State University. Which I didn't know it at the time was

"a pioneer in sexuality teaching and research in the United States with a 50-year history of advocating and teaching sexuality education, sexual literacy and social justice for all people. We explore sexuality as it intersects with gender, race, class, ability, nation, and other categories of difference. Our work is shaped by feminist thought, queer studies and queer of color critique, critical race theories and methodological innovation." (I borrowed this from their website)

What an education!

I  majored in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Human Sexuality.

I worked with a variety of populations, including a day treatment school setting for children, and at Langely Porter psychiatric hospital at UCSF where I had the privilege  of running recreational art & music groups on the locked ward. My first job out of college was working with developmentally disabled adults in vocational settings, as a job coach.

I was constantly inspired by the the creative scenes, music, art and poetry and in the  mid 90's the burgeoning creative technology scene appeared, and I shifted my focus to tech and music.

In 1998, I had the great luck - a friend hooked me up with a job as a Producer for a large tech company, so I  moved to Los Angeles. Eventually, I was recruited to work at a start-up that developed streaming online music. Here I was blessed to work as a Producer, but also as an internet DJ. I also had the pleasure to meet and collaborate with many musicians and artists during this time.

As the millenium turned the tech industry began to shift towards a more corporate culture,  I got laid off and decided it was time to pursue more humanitarian pursuits which aligned with my creative nature. I decided to get my Masters in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. I interned as a counselor for families living with HIV/AIDS, sexual abuse survivors, and families in the foster care system. In 2007, after many long years of schooling and interning I finally recieved my license to practice therapy from the California Board of Behavioral Science in 2007.

Seeing a massive need in LA, where kink, LGBTQIA was still very underground, I decided to open a private practice to focus on sexuality, giving voice to sexual minorities, LGBTQIA and kink communities. 

Today, I have written several books on sex and relationships, including the award winning book "Classic Sex Positions Reinvented," am the creator of media/film entities including The Sex Talk Series on Youtube, and the award winning 

Documentary Film Series, Temples and Brothels.

I also had a podcast for a while, "Sex Love & RocknRoll" and I hosted monthly workshops called Sexy Saturdays at The Liberace Penthouse in Hollywood, CA. 

I am the founder of Los Angeles Sex Therapy (LAST), a collective of therapists, educators and coaches who center healthier attitudes around sexuality with special attention given to the experiences of BIPOC, LGBTQIA, Kink, Poly/Ethically Non Monogamous, and Sex Workers.

And, the Founder of LAST University, courses and classes, around intimacy pleasure, plus Pleasure PsychTM, an Intimacy Coaching Ceritification Program.

In the past, I have also served as an adjunct faculty at Alliant International University, California School of Professional Psychology, and Pacific Oaks College both in Los Angeles County, CA. 

I have been a featured contributor in various publications and have appeared on various media outlets including Mens Fitness, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Oprah Magazine, Hustler, Vice, Elle Magazine, Refinery 29, Playboy TV,  Investigation Discoveries, Oxygen Network, Hollywood Entertainment Today, CBS and many more.

As a lifelong creator and multi-passionate artist, I have stayed active in a variety of musical entities. You can learn more about my  musical writing pursuits here.

I am currently writing two memoirs, back to back about music and coming out queer in the 80's.

Click here to download my book, "Love, Lust and Lube" for free. 

Creativity and pleasure are intrinsically connected. Both are healing and both can be seen as acts of resistance.

-Moushumi Ghose, MFT