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Mou's Story


"f your therapy isn't punk rock or revolutionary, is it even therapy?" 

Hi, My name is Mou. 

I have been an advocate for healthy sexuality for more than 3 decades. 


As a queer identified South Asian - Indian person born to immigrants, it took me a while to recognize the true path to my own healing of my own personal traumas was through creativity, pleasure, and community, and more specifically the queer community.  

Finding communities that support art, resistance and uprising is the key to healing. As an activist it has been my journey to provide a safe space for this discovery, understanding, and exploration for others.  

As a writer and musician first, I knew I had to find my voice, and it was ultimately through working with others to find their voice around sexuality, gender expression and relationships that I was also able to find mine.

My clients and students are my teachers as well. 

I opened my private practice in 2007, and in 2009 I hired my first associate. Los Angeles Sex Therapy was born!

Since then, I have written several books on sex and relationships: Classic Sex Positions Reinvented, Marriage, Money & P*rn; Love, Lust & Lube, and Love is Not a Pie.  And, I am the creator of the Documentary Film Series, Temples and Brothels.

For many years, I hosted The Sex Talk Series on Youtube, which I have more recently decided to retire, as well as the wildly fabulous Sexy Saturdays at The Liberace Penthouse in West Hollywood, CA (those were so much fun!!). 

I have served as  adjunct faculty at both Alliant International University, California School of Professional Psychology, and Pacific Oaks College both in Los Angeles County, CA. 

I have been a featured contributor in various publications and have appeared on various media outlets including Mens Fitness, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Oprah Magazine, Hustler, Vice, Elle Magazine, Refinery 29, Playboy TV,  Investigation Discoveries, Oxygen Network, Hollywood Entertainment Today, CBS and many more.


I still contribute to a variety of outlets, but I am more picky now! Today, I mostly oversee  my group practie, Los Angeles Sex Therapy, providing up and coming sex therapists with guidance and support.  

As a lifelong creator and writer, I am always pursuant in a variety of creative entities.

You may also find me writing and belting out punk rock anthems with my guitar with my bandmates.

Click here to download my book, "Love, Lust and Lube" for free. 

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