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Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Sessions

As a sex therapist, I find that talk therapy is quite often not enough to undo some of the ways in which we show up in the world. With so much conditioning, and messaging, we are often hard pressed to find and implement the solutions to help us move forward. 

Adding an experiential component that connects the mind with the body is the most effective way to create longer lasting change. 

Psychedelics have been proven to be extremely profound way to do just that. By not only improving emotional states, regaining hope, developing empathy, healing depression & anxiety which are often the cornerstones of our internal libido systems, and how we relate to each other but Ketamine's fast acting nature potentially eliminates the need for long term SSRI's and other pharmaceutical as intense change and relief can be experienced in just 2 Ketamine sessions.

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Ketamine Assisted Therapy 
Psylocybin /MDMA Integration Therapy

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a powerful medication that is used primarily for anesthesia during surgical procedures. However, it has increasingly gained attention for its potential in treating various mental health conditions. One of the key mechanisms of action of ketamine is its role as a non-competitive NMDA antagonist. NMDA receptors are involved in the transmission of pain signals in the central nervous system, and by blocking these receptors, ketamine can provide analgesic effects.

Evidence suggests that ketamine's dissociative effects can lead to unique therapeutic experiences. For example, individuals undergoing ketamine-assisted psychotherapy have reported profound shifts in their perception of self and the world around them. This has led to its exploration as a potential treatment for a range of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The environment where ketamine is taken, as well as the type of support or adjunctive therapies, strongly impact the drug effects and the subjective interpretations. Similarly, the presence of supportive individuals or therapeutic interventions can influence the subjective experience of ketamine. Having a trusted guide or therapist present during a ketamine session can provide a sense of safety and support, which may enhance the therapeutic effects of the drug and aid in integration.

MDMA & Psilocybin Integrative Therapy

Currently, the only way to access  MDMA & Psyilocybin Assisted Therapy  is through participation in a clinical trial, which can be difficult to get into. Some people choose to travel to other countries where psychedelics are currently legal, though this can be expensive and risky. i am happy to work with you with integration of these methods therapy, but I cannot assist, nor refer to a prescriber at this time. Although evidence shows having a therapist present can create a more sound experience, in order to make Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions more affordable, you may also choose to do the dosing sessions on your own (self-guided). Please let me know if you wish to expore this.

As a practitioner using unordinary states of consciousness as one of my modes off treatment, I do not take this path lightly and consider this type of therapy to be an investment in your future. The time and effort you put into your psychedlic journey will be reflected in this life changing choice.


We will spend considerable time making sure you understand the implications of this major step! 

How Do Sessions Work

First we will discuss what your goals are for this work which will help determing what the best course of treatment for you.  If you are already a client, we will have already had some sessions of discovery around this.  

Acutal treatment includes

  • 1-2 preparation psychotherapy sessions (50 minutes each) 

  • 2-8 ketamine-dosing sessions-depending on treatment plan -these session can be done on your own or during a virtual session with me and are 120 minutes in length, and

  • 1 -2 post dosing integration sessions (50 minutes each)

You will also be given a referral to to meet with a physician who will provide medical support throughout the process, including the medical evaluation and intake to make sure you are a good fit for this therapy, as well as prescription for the ketamine dosing. ​

Currently, I am offering packages for both individual or couples. (see below for pricing- Ketamine Assisted Therapy only.)


Ketamine-dosing sessions + packages are available below. The cost of this treatment varies based on the number of sessions we agree on.

The packages are paid upfront and include:  Initial therapy sessions, ketamine therapy and post integration sessions. *

Because Ketamine is a cumulative substance, meaning it is best when multiple sessions weekly (or close to) occur alongside psychotherapy, I will require some advance notice to schedule and accommodate your program if you choose to do more than 2. 

*Please note: These are average costs. Ketamine should be done with a therapist you have a rapport, safety and standing with. If you are a current client, your package rate will based on your current hourly rate.

The medical evaluation & prescription is separate price, paid separately as well. 

Current Clients: Individual Ketamine Session is $500 (2 hours).

2 Ketamine dosing package for $2000 (most popular can be completed in 1 month)

  • 2 pre-KAP therapy sessions (50 mins), 2 ketamine therapy sessions (2 hours), 2 integration sessions (day after dosing - 50 mins)

  • Med Eval: you will be meeting with an MD for a medical evaluation and prescription that will be billed separately for approximately $335 per person (not included in cost)

5 Ketamine dosing session package for $4000 (can de done in 3-6 months)

  • 5 pre-KAP therapy sessions (50 mins), 5 ketamine therapy sessions (2 hours), 5 integration sessions (day after dosing - 50 mins)

  • Med Eval: you will be meeting with an MD for a medical evaluation and prescription that will be billed separately for approximately $600 per person (not included in cost)

8 Ketamine dosing session package for $5600 (can be done in 6-8 months)

  • 8 non-KAP therapy sessions (each are 1 hour), 8 ketamine therapy session (2 hours), 8 integration sessions (day after dosing - 50 mins)

  • Med Eval: you will be meeting with an MD for a medical evaluation and prescription that will be billed separately for approximately $600 per person (not included in cost)

Currently insurance is not billable for ketamine dosing sessions, however the pre-kap and post-rap sessions can be billed under psychotherapy codes. Please inquire about the insurance superbilling process.


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