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Pleasure Is Your Birthright

is the premiere coaching program to breaking down barriers to your pleasure,  intimacy and your sexual expression. 

Open to individuals and couples.

We come into this life as a blank slates, open, eager and curious.

Very soon fear, shame and guilt around sexuality are fed to us from an early young age. Messages we recieve from parents, family, friends, media whether they were punitive in nature, or unspoken (silence is a very loud form of expression), whether they were violating or hot & cold, the knowledge we often carry with us about sexuality, ours and ours in relation to others, is often disjointed, confusing and messy. 

Mou guides you through a journey of rediscovery of self and unlearning of the harmful messages we sometimes aren't even aware we still are carrying. 

This course is for you if:

  • You feel unsure about your sexual identity or journey

  • You restrict things in your life such as sex, food 

  • you have a tendency to over indulge in food, sex, alcohol, drugs (binge/purge can indicate shame or guilt)

  • You want to feel more connected with your sexual self and partners

  • You want to dismantle the old sexual stories that hold you back

  • You want to build your sexual knowledge and repertoire

  • You desire a more authentic relationship to your self as  a sexual being in the world, with the ability to receive pleasure in its many forms.

  • 30 day program includes 4 group coaching calls $697 join waitlist

  • Stand alone course $497


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