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Moushumi has been participating in ethical and consensual non monogamy for over 3 decades and has extensive experience working with non-monogamy professionally as well for two decades. She recognizes that while this is an ideal, it can take a lot of patience, time, and understanding to really be able to navigate the waters of ethical and consensual non-monogamy and polyamory so that all parties feel respected, loved, and heard. It's not an eas path, but it's doable. And when done with intention on mindfulness it can be extremely transformative.

Mou has been brought in as an expert on ethical and consensual non monogamy extensively, in the media as well as a coveted trainer and speaker within higher education. She has created extensive media, written books, made videos, and much more on how to pursue healthy forms of non monogamy. You can certainly say that this is one of Mou's favorite topics! 

This program is good for you if:

  • You want to build your knowledge and repertoire around ethical non-monogamy 

  • You feel confused about your role in non-monogamy 

  • You feel a lot of jealousy in non monogamy 

  • You and your partner have different desires and you want some tools to navigate these 

  • You want to feel more connected with your partner but not sure if non monogamy is right for you. 

  • You want to explore alternatives to monogamy, and are curious about non-monogamy 

  • You are not sure you are in the right relationship 

  • You are solo-poly and dating and want more support 

  • AND more....So....Are you ready to dive in? Let's go!!!

  • includes weekly session  or

  • purchase the stand alone course for $497

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